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(August 20th, 2014)  New York, get ready. There's another music festival coming to town. This weekend's featured event is the one and only Bella Terra.

New York has seen some incredible music festivals roll through this summer. The Hudson Project and Mysteryland were both muddy successes, let's see if their little brother can live up to the hype. Bella Terra is featuring artists like DJ Craze, Keys N' Krates, Conspirator, and Araabmuzik.

For our preview, we want to highlight two acts: DJ Craze and Keys N' Krates. Let's start with Craze.

Craze, a Nicaraguan producer, is one of the first pioneers of bass music. By killing the Miami Bass scene in the 90s, while also focusing on hip-hop music, Craze helped pioneer some of the bass-centric music that's currently taking the United States by storm. Like A-Trak, Craze is an extremely technical DJ. In fact, he is the only DJ in history to claim the DMC World DJ Championship three consecutive times.

After achieving these accolades from 1998-2000, Kanye West scooped him up as his personal DJ for his lucrative "Glow in the Dark" tour in 2008. After the tour, he went on to found Slow Roast Records with Kill the Noise. Get a taste for Craze's insane mixing abilities with this video:

Next up: Keys N' Krates. The trio is comprised of Toronto natives Adam Tune (drummer), David Matisse (synthesizer/keyboard), and Jr. Flo (turntablist). The band's been active since 2008, and focuses on pioneering the popularity of electronic instrumentation. The guys released a critically acclaimed EP, SOLOW, on Aoki's Dim Mak Records in 2013, and have completed another EP, Every Nite, which is set for release in September. Check out this new video of Keys N' Krates rehearsing for Bella Terra:

So there you have it, our preview of Bella Terra 2014. We can't wait for the festival, and hope to see you there. Cop your passes here.

(August 19th, 2014)  Every year, Forbes compiles groups of wealthy celebrities, politicians, and businessmen for feature articles. This year, Forbes taps into the world of electronic music to produce a list of the planet's wealthiest DJs.

The list is organized by each producer's annual earnings, versus overall wealth. Last time we checked, the legendary Paul Oakenfold was sitting on top of the world as the DJ with the highest net worth. For this list, however, Calvin Harris shines as the DJ who made the most money over the past 12 months. 

The group of top 10 earners for 2014 racked up $268 million this year, which is an 11% rise from the previous crew in 2013. This growth is indicative of the continually rising popularity of our genre. Read the full feature at this link, or simply peep the following list:

1. Calvin Harris - $66 million

2. David Guetta - $30 million

3. Avicii & Tiesto - $28 million

4. Steve Aoki - $23 million

5. Afrojack - $22 million

6. Zedd - $21 million

7. Kaskade - $17 million

8. Skrillex - $16.5 million

9. deadmau5 - $16 million

10. Hardwell - $13 million

11. Armin van Buuren & Steve Angello - $12 million

(August 19th, 2014) It's been a while since we last heard new Major Lazer music, but yesterday the music project comprised of Walshy Fire, Jillionaire, and that random white dude, Diplo, released their latest remix of Flipo's, "Doh Tell Meh Dat."

You should have seen the crowd's reaction last Saturday when Walshy Fire and Jillionaire took the stage at Brooklyn's Mad Decent Block Party with Diplo for a surprise Major Lazer performance. The group of producers crafted an incredible dance party with a medley of genres spanning moombahton to reggae, trap to dancehall.

We originally anticipated Big Gigantic throwing down the wildest set, but to our pleasant surprise, Diplo, Walshy, & Jillionaire, in our eyes, stole the show. Towards the end of their set, Major Lazer dropped this new remix and the crowd reacted as expected: complete mayhem. If we had anticipated this new banger, we would have had the camera ready for footage, but we unfortunately dropped the ball.

So to live vicariously through somebody who witnessed the new remix, peep the new release via SoundCloud, it won't dissapoint. Free download included.

(August 18th, 2014) Stwo is barely old enough to drink legally in the US, but god damn does he make some intoxicating beats. His newest single, "Aura", is a perfect example of why you should be paying close attention to this French rookie.

The first time I ever heard Stwo was on the hypnotic quazi-instrumental "Syrup", and I've been hooked ever since. Although many of his songs have a more tranquil and dreamy disposition, Stwo will still consistently get your head nodding, which is a quality that is rare among electronic DJs. To put it another way, Stwo produces jams that I can 1. make a stink face to, and simultaneously 2. take a nap to.

It should come as no surprise, then, that I'm beyond pumped for Stwo's upcoming North American tour (see below for dates). To make matters even more awesome, he will be traveling around and sharing shows with Snakehips. Despite the fact that these two European DJs have styles that nearly contradict each other, I have no doubt that both will put on amazing shows. You can bet your bottom dollar that PB will be there at their opening show in NYC on 10/16, so we hope to see you there too.

Stwo North American Tour (with Snakehips):

10/16: Slake - NYC
10/17: 1015 Folsom - San Francisco
10/18: Club Vinyl - Denver
10/21: Bardot - Miami
10/22: U Street Musical Hall - Washington DC
10/23: Primary - Chicago
10/24: The Hoxton - Toronto
10/25: Le Belmont - Montreal
10/29: Q Nightclub - Seattle
10/30: Fortune Sound Club - Vancouver
10/31: Hifi Club - Calgary
*More dates to be announced

(July 15th, 2014) Coming off a huge remix of Galantis's "You," Brillz releases a twonked out rendition of Katy Perry's "This is How We Do." 

Brillz is on a roll recently, with a massive performance at Mysteryland USA and with the progression of his Twonk Team group mixes, so this banger comes as no surprise.

Right from the get-go, Brillz delivers that iconic hip-hop bass line that's starting to characterize the Twonk genre. Then, when the song kicks in, Brillz does some seriously complex work tweaking Katy Perry's vocals. The result is a song that you can't not dance to.

Brillz is rolling through New York City over Labor Day to perform at the one and only Electric Zoo. After peeping this track it'll be hard to justify not catching his set. Get your EZoo passes here.

(August 14th, 2014) On Monday, Flume released his latest remix of indie rock band Arcade Fire's original track, "Afterlife." The re-production is delivered as a euphoric ten-minute progressive house experiment.

Flume, also known offstage as Harley Streten, is very particular when labeling his productions. Preceding his "Afterlife" remix, Flume released a "re-work" of Seekae's "Test & Recognize." This being said, Harley's "remixes" are practically originals that borrow clips and pieces of original tracks.

On this remix, the listener can only really recognize some vocal clips from "Afterlife," while the rest is a combination of dreamy synths and swirling sounds originally produced by Flume. While Arcade Fire was in Australia on their international tour, they allegedly spent some time with Flume and came up with the idea for this remix. Enjoy the ned result.

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(August 14th, 2014) Yes, you read the title of this post correctly: Bassnectar and deadmau5 are currently collaborating on at least one new production. 

This news is a recipe for the perfect storm. Bassnectar and deadmau5 have arguably the largest cult followings, so a track featuring both artists would weld a massive throng of EDM fanatics. Whenever you go to a festival or concert, you'll undoubtedly see someone wearing a deadmau5 mask. In the same vein, you'll never attend a festival without seeing a totem, a trademark of Bassnectar's following. That being said, these guys have fans, and lots of them, so this is huge news. Want evidence of this seemingly sadistic rumor?

As expected, we are very excited for this collaboration. Both have dabbled in their counterpart's genres, but it will be interesting to see the king of progressive house and the king of bass music clash heads on a new track. We'll stay on top of this until the day of its release. Stay tuned for more, and enjoy some new-ish deadmau5 & Bassnectar releases.

(August 12, 2014) Those of you who haven't listened to Saint Pepsi's jam of the summer, "Fiona Coyne," stop what you're doing right now and groove out to some of the sexiest beats you'll hear.

Those of you who listened to Fiona Coyne will be happy to know that the up and coming New York talent has just come out with the b-side of his Carpark debut, "Fall Harder." With pristine and clean production, Saint Pepsi combines an unmistakable nostalgia for '80s electro pop with a skillful and creative modern twist. The man himself explains the method behind the madness: “I’m drawn to tuneful melodies; complex chord structures; outlandish synths and drums; and I like to take pop a capellas and see how I can warp the songs while keeping the melodies almost entirely intact. I want to make pop music for freaks, basically."

Stay on the lookout for more tracks from this monstrous young talent, and in the meantime, jam out to Fiona Coyne/Fall Harder, the ultimate reminder that the summer never, ever ends.

(August 12th, 2014) Although the So-Cal based rap group Pac Div has been on a bit of a hiatus for the past year, one of the group's main members, Like, has been cooking up a fresh assortment of jazzy beats.

Under the name Call Me Like, Gabe "Like" Stevenson has released a new mixtape, Zesty, which possesses an array or relaxed and, at times, bizarre instrumentals. While Like is renowned for being a dynamic west coast lyricist, he pulls his voice out the equation to deliver a tape that puts a unique twist on the acid jazz genre.

It should be noted that Zesty is unlike a lot of the electro and trap music that is posted on PB, however Like's strong grasp of the gritty, sample-driven 90's style make this tape necessary listening. Anyone who is a fan of Pac Div, or west coast rap in general, will most certainly be pleased with Zesty, and even those unfamiliar with his style should still enjoy Like's laid back, albeit off kilter, tunes.

(August 8th, 2014) In honor of Brooklyn's Mad Decent Block Party, which kicks off tomorrow at 3 PM, we've decided to highlight the man behind the music with a collection of our favorite Diplo Photoshop pictures. 

If you're not already aware, Diplo is by far the funniest artist in the world of dance music. If you aren't already following him on Instagram & Facebook, then follow those links to become a fan. Every day we wake up to some ridiculous picture with a snide comment from the patriarch of Mad Decent. In addition, Diplo is infamous for Photshopping himself into priceless pictures.

So as part of our coverage of Brooklyn's Mad Decent Block Party, we've scrapped together our five favorite Diplo Photoshop pictures. Diplo's photo captions are found in the headers, enjoy.

5. bringing back the gold w/ my homies

4. #fbf hanging w my sis ashley

3. #tbt gettin ready to go to red lobster w MJ

2. #tbt when i was macaulay culkin

1. having a production meeting about Jack U

Well, there you have it, our top 5 Photoshop pictures from our favorite kingpin of EDM. It's a little late notice, but you can cop your Mad Decent passes at this link. In addition to some classic hilarity, enjoy some of these fresh Diplo tracks. 

(August 7, 2014)  Starting out as a 14-year-old producer from Long Island, Jon Bellion's latest track climbs to nearly half a million hits in one week.

Bellion's music offers a truly unique, soulful, and upbeat vibe complimented by intelligent and thoughtful lyrics. Developing what he refers to as a "movement" with the launching of his documentary video, "Beautiful Mind," there's no doubt 20-year-old Bellion's got the ambition to take his career to the next level. 

"It's not cool to be negative or stupid. We live in a time that needs enlightenment, especially with expression through music" he says. Take a listen to his most recently track "Munny Right," which has accumulated over 300,000 plays on SoundCloud in less than a week. If you're feeling his flow be sure to visit Jon's website and download his album "The Separation" for free.

(July 7th, 2014) Finally, some new Knife Party. Albeit, it's just a teaser, but fans of the infamous Australian tandem are nonetheless thrilled to wake up to a salivating preview. 

"Boss Mode" comes as one of the first releases from Knife Party's highly anticipated upcoming album, Abandon Ship, an album the duo took a six month hiatus to produce late last year. In May, Rob Swire announced the album was near completion, so expect to see teaser's released over the next couple months. He did, however, also announce that the album's release date will not be disclosed until it's fully mastered. We're still in the dark with Abandon Ship's release, so we can put the dots together to assume the project still has some work. We have not had the chance to review a Knife Party set to date, but judging from the looks of this wild video from Tomorrowland 2013, they're at the top of our hit list.

"Boss Mode" builds with the quintessential Knife Party medley of video-game sounds, but then takes a huge, unprecedented turn at 1:17 with a heavy trap drop. Knife Party's been known to transcend genres, so this sort of experimentation make sense. To date, we have not heard too many trap-influenced tracks produced by Knife Party, but the genre's hot right now in the world of EDM, so "Boss Mode" will come as a crowd pleaser during upcoming performances. We're excited to cover Knife Party on Labor Day at Electric Zoo. Cop your tickets here if you haven't already.  

(August 6th, 2014)  This past weekend, the Twonk Team captain, Brillz, released the fourth installment of his crew's mixtape series. The latest release unquestionably lives up to the high standards already set by the preceding mixes. 

For this edition, Brillz enlists the support of Party Favor, Jackal, Valentino Khan, and Ricky Remedy to produce a bass-tastic explosion of current thrillers. When we covered UZ in Boston this fall, we heard this crazy song with an addicting high-pitched, bouncing synth. After a little research, we found the song was produced by Jackal, and remixed by Loudpvck, both members of the Twonk Team. Check it out, it won't disappoint.

So back to Volume 4: listener beware, these mixtapes are not for the faint of heart. If you like the sweet soothing sounds of Avicii's predictably safe house music, then I'd suggest staying away from the Twonk Team. However, if you like music that switches up bass lines and forces you to stay on your toes while dancing, then crank up your speakers and indulge in this new mix. Find the track list below the SoundCloud player, we've highlighted some of our favorites.


1. Party Favor - Bap U
2. Dan Farber - Kiss The Sky
3. DJ Snake x Lil Jon x LA REZ - Turn Down for Bells (TWRK Edit)
4. Diplo ft. Nicky Da B - Express Yourself (Party Favor Remix) [Mad Decent]
5. Party Favor - Underwater Basketweaving
6. Mayhem & Antiserum - Cry Baby
7. Tyga - Make It Nasty (Party Favor Remix) [Universal/Cashmoney]
8. Party Favor & Tropkillaz - Dat Booty
9. Flosstradamus ft. Casino - Mosh Pit (Meaux Green & Party Favor Remix) [ULTRA]
10. Flosstradamus ft. Travis Porter - Drop Top (Party Favor & Meaux Green Remix) *Teaser [ULTRA] 


1. Mr. Carmack - Birth Control
2. Buku - That Thang 3. KillaGraham - Ice Cream VIP
4. Jackal - Bubblegum (Tropkillaz Remix)
5. Skrillex - Dirty Vibe
6. Mr. Carmack - lonelyfuckingsamurai
7. Grandtheft x Jackal - Let Me Tell You Something
8. Jesse Slayter - Thick
9. Astronomar - Gargoile
10. Major Lazer - Aerosol Can (feat. Pharrell Williams) (Jackal Remix)
11. Galantis - You (Brillz Remix)


1. Rick Ross feat. Kanye West & Big Sean - Sanctified
2. Showtek & Ookay - Bouncer (Original Mix)
3. GTA - Bola (Original Mix)
4. Wiwek - Salute (Original Mix)
5. Valentino Khan & ETC!ETC! - Eat It (Original Mix)
6. 4B - Bomboclat (Original Mix)
7. Skrillex & Kill The Noise feat. Fatman Scoop & Michael Angelakos - Recess (Valentino Khan Remix)
8. Boys Noize - Push Em Up (Salva Remix)
9. Hyper Crush - Illegalities (MUST DIE! Remix)
10. Valentino Khan feat. DJ Kool - Make Some Noise (Original Mix)
11. Gent x Jawns - Let Em Know (Original Mix)
12. M.I.A. - Y.A.L.A. (Bro Safari & Valentino Khan Remix)
13. Mercer & DJ Snake - Lunatic (Original Mix)
14. Bro Safari & UFO! - Bird Brain (Valentino Khan Remix)


1. A-Trak & Lex Luger - 100 Bottles (Ft. Travis $cott)
2. GTA - The Crowd
3. Whyel - Ray Ban (Breaux Festival Trap Bootleg)
4. DJ Snake & Diplo - ID (Remedy Bootleg)
5. Zeds Dead - Hadouken (Remedy Bootleg) 6. Mayhem & Antiserum - Pakistan
7. Bro Safari & Remedy - Wild
8. RL Grime & What So Not - Tell Me
9. Bro Safari & UFO! - Drama
10. Remedy - Welcome To Tha Trap

(August 6th, 2014) Although summer is ending sooner than any of us might care to admit, The Knocks have still found a way to capture some sunny vibes with "Classic". Consider this one a last hurrah.

"Classic" already feels like a classic, and it's warm vibes and laid back vocals should pair well with any midday cruise or moon-drenched debauchery. The faint sound of seagulls in the background help to boost the sun soaked vibe that I'm sure The Knocks were aiming for, so you can bet I'm adding this to the playlist for my upcoming beach week. I suggest that you do the same.

(August 5th, 2014) "I wanna be like Kanye!" Yea, Siren, who the hell doesn't? We've all thought this at one point or another, so props to The Chainsmokers for finally making a song about it.

Yeezy has become one of the most talked and memed about hooligans of modern pop culture, so it's only fitting that the man gets his own anthem. There's a pretty good chance this song is going to piss Kanye off, but listening to The Chainsmokers new jam, "KANYE", should be able to provide anyone with the absurd level of confidence that our good friend Mr. West wakes up with every god damn morning.

Is it weird that, every time I listen to this song, I imagine Kanye sitting in his Olympic-sized bubble bath screaming the lyrics into his $200,000 bottle of conditioner (for the hair that he doesn't even have). The only thing this song is missing is a big "HEHHHNNN?!?!"

(August 5th, 2014) With the incorporation of jazz and classical influences, Haywyre has created music that is deceptively traditional and unprecedentedly creative.

His newest song, "Everchanging", is a perfect example of how Haywyre can fuse a multitude of genres together to produce tremendously epic bangers. While "Everchanging" will probably have you bopping around, its complex structure suggests that this kid has more on his mind than just being a successful EDM producer. If you peruse through his track list, it shouldn't be hard to see that Haywyre has a fine-tuned understanding of how to make music that is always unique and full of emotion. In this sense, I think there is a case to be made that he is not just a producer, but a full-fledged musician, a true artist.

(August 4th, 2014) The Global Citizen Festival returns to Central Park's Great Lawn on September 27th, 2014. 

The highly anticipated free-ticketed event includes performances by Jay Z, No Doubt, Carrie Underwood, Fun., The Roots and legendary DJ Tiesto. The Global Citizen movement "is an initiative of the Global Poverty Project, an international education and advocacy organization working to catalyze the movement to end extreme poverty by 2030”. The festival is set to take place from 2:00PM- 9:30PM. 

Here's how to earn your tickets: 

You earn points for taking action on Global Citizen. Each action yields a certain number of points – denoted by red plus signs across the site. You must have 8 points to enter to win tickets to the Global Citizen Festival. There will be five draws between now and the day of the concert, and you can enter up to six times. Head to the festival's site here to earn free tickets or guarantee a spot with VIP tickets ($100-$675) on sale now. 

(August 1st, 2014) There must be something special in the water Diplo drinks, because this summer it seems like nothing can slow the man down. Just a week before releasing his latest compilation, Random White Dude Be Everywhere, Diplo unveils his newest track with Skrillex, the other half of the production tandem, Jack U.

While touring Europe, Diplo decided to please his French listeners while mixing a set at Paris's Concorde Atlantique by performing this new summer release for the first time. Featuring vocals from the Canadian artist, Kiesza, "Take You There" displays a perfect balance of euphoric interludes and quintessential heavy horn riffs.

Thus far this summer, Skrillex and Diplo have been up to no good in the studio. The tandem have been spotted producing with a number of exciting artists that are really starting to make our tails wag in anticipation. Recognize this guy?

You might've heard of that guy in the middle, he goes by Usher. Funny thing, he and Diplo are actually the same age at 35, while Skrillex is the baby of the trio at 26. In addition, one of our personal favorites, What So Not, was just spotted in the Jack U studio last week. Check it out, we've got evidence:

So, as we eagerly wait for some of these upcoming collaborations, let's enjoy the bits and pieces of what's already been released. "Take You There" is only available online in this preview video from Diplo's set in Paris, but as soon as it's released, we'll provide you with the studio version. 

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(July 31st, 2014) Before Djemba Djemba reposted his song today, San Holo was a name that was completely unfamiliar to me. However, as soon as I listened to "Hiding", I realized that this is a guy worth checking out.

Although this guy only has a little more than 800 followers on soundcloud, I could easily see San Holo blowing up soon. Check out his latest jam, "Hiding", but make sure to also listen to the other stuff this Dutch producer has been putting out. His remixes of hits like "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It", "The Next Episode", and "In Da Club" prove that San Holo is a force to be reckoned with.

(July 31st, 2014)  Snakehips has become my go-to for summer chillin. His newest jam, "After I Met U", follows the winning recipe that made songs like "Days With You" and "Wanderlust (Remix)" major hits.

Although he's only dropped a handful of tracks in the past year, Snakehips has consistently come with his A-game to deliver some of the most laid back and uplifting songs that fit perfectly with any summer vibe. Whether you're hanging by the pool or pregaming with your crew, throw on some Snakehips and just enjoy the vibes.