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It's obvious to any music buff that the saxophone has been a new addition to the tropical/electro music world. Klingande initially crushed the chill, beach feel with the saxophone in his song "Jubel," and since then artists like Kygo, Matoma and others have been experimenting with sax in their songs. PSA: It's working. Sax is BACK. Here are some recent songs with sax that will give you eargasms:

And who could forget...

Galantis from Stockholm, Sweden has gained a lot of momentum in the EDM/Electro world in the past year. Not only are they creating great electro bangers, but their original songs are being remixed by people like Dillon Francis, Elephante and Kaskade. Infamous for their song "Runaway (U&I)," Galantis droped their new single "Peanut Butter Jelly" about a week ago. Different feel, still good vibes. Check out Galantis's Facebook Page and Soundcloud Page and show them some love, and Preorder their album Pharmacy on iTunes. Here are some other Galantis jams:

Why the cats? Who knows...?

Elephante has been making waves in the electro world since 2013. He took this somewhat boring original Zedd mix and added a whole lot more BANG. Don't get me wrong, Zedd kills it, but the combination of Elephante's electro and progressive sound blend for a killer remix... Check out Elephante's Facebook Page and Soundcloud Page and show him some love. Here are some other Elephante Jams you may or may not have in your "Electro Jams" repertoire:

Real smooth Steve Aoki beat remixed by Boehm. With the perfect amount of sax, this song will be played poolside all summer long. You can check out Boehm's Facebook page, and while you're at it, check out Paradise Beat's page and throw us a like or a share. Below are some more Monday chill vibez. Enjoy.

(September 18th, 2014) RL Grime's been on his grind this summer, coming off two huge releases with "Core" and "Tell Me." Grime took to Twitter on Tuesday, and notified his fans that Zane Lowe would be premiering his latest track just hours before the live radio show.

We tuned into Zane Lowe's BBC Radio hour, and oh, we were surprised. We went in expecting another massive track that would meet the energy of his previous releases, but in "Reminder," RL Grime displays a mature production versatility that we've seen some bass producers like Flosstradamus aim for with particular releases this summer.

"Reminder" features vocals from How To Dress Well, the stage name of the Chicago singer-song writer, Tom Krell. How To Dress Well has collaborated with artists from RL Grime's collective, WeDidIt, so this feature did not come as a surprise. The tempo and vibes of the track, however, did catch us off guard. Grime slows it down with "Reminder," and produces a track with euphoric energy and dreamy vocal sampling. Check out the latest from RL Grime with the video below. 

(September 16th, 2014) Released yesterday via Columbia Records, Dillon Francis fules anticipation for his upcoming album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule, with a collaboration featuring Major Lazer & Stylo G, "Make It Bounce."

"Make It Bounce" comes as the fifth single released from Francis's debut album. The track brings some seriously heavy moombahton/moombahcore elements to the project, and features some nice raggaeton support from Major Lazer & Stylo G.

Thus far, Dillon has released four tracks on Money Sucks, Friends Rule: his hit collaboration with DJ Snake, "Get Low," "When We Were Young" featuring Sultan & Ned Shepard, "Set Me Free" with Martin Garrix, and "I Can't Take It." This collection of tracks contains an eclectic display of sounds and influences, reflecting Francis's resistance to the label of a producer devoted to a single genre.

Columbia Records plans to release Money Sucks, Friends Rule in collaboration with Mad Decent on October 28th. Pre-order your copy via iTunes today! 

(September 12th, 2014)  Back in 2010, a trio of Dutch producers started hosting a weekly event known as "Yellow Claw Thursday" at Amsterdam's renowned nightclub, Jimmy Woo. Since the inception of this weekly tradition, the collection of DJs known as Yellow Claw has made a huge splash in the world of EDM with chart-topping Trap releases and impressionable performances. 

This week, we had the special opportunity to ask Bizzey (center), Jim Aasgier (right), and Nizzle (left) questions about upcoming music, favorite performances, Mysteryland, Diplo, and much more. These producers not only pump out killer music, but are a group of genuinely nice guys. So without further adieu, meet Yellow Claw:

Paradise Beats: Bizzey, Jim, Nizzle, thanks for taking time today to answer some questions for our readers. After your release of Amsterdam Trap Music Volume 2, we’ve received a number of requests to unmask the guys behind the music, so this is great. To start things off, let us know how you’re doing. How’s the summer tour been thus far? 

Yellow Claw: Pretty good actually. Did a lot of touring in Europe. Short flights back and forth, that way we can still get things done in the studio.

Paradise Beats: Of all the American cities you've performed for in 2014, what’s been the most memorable experience? 

Yellow Claw: EDC Las Vegas! That shit was a life-changing experience. Every single person in the crowd was 100% focused on our show and on the music. So dope.

Paradise Beats: We interviewed a few of our readers who attended your set at EDC Las Vegas. One fan called the concert, “ballistic,” and another latched off that description to announce that she can “confirm the madness.” What sort of atmosphere do you try to create for an audience at a Yellow Claw performance? 

Yellow Claw: We try to form an army at every show. A unity with one goal and one goal only: to get together and to get fucked up in the most beautiful way possible.

Paradise Beats: We were extremely excited when you released a teaser mix of Amsterdam Trap Music Volume 2 weeks back, and even more excited when we listened to the finished product. You collaborated with LNY TNZ on the EP’s first track, “Techno,” and one of our reader’s was wondering if you have plans to collaborate with LNY TNZ on another upcoming release? 

Yellow Claw: Well, we have a lot of unfinished Yellow Claw / LNY TNZ material laying around at the moment. But the touring has become very intense and we’re also very busy on our debut album. So the plans are absolutely there; now we’ll just have to find the time to finish it. We really have to because we have a beautiful thing in common: 150 BPM.

Paradise Beats: Tell us a bit about the production of Amsterdam Trap Music Volume 2. When did you decide to execute this project, and how would you characterize the newest EP? 

Yellow Claw: It’s basically Amsterdam Trap Music on steroids with a lot more pop/song influences. After we made "Shotgun" we were really experimenting more and more with that combination. ATM projects are really the most rewarding and inspirational projects to be working because there are absolutely no boundaries. We can go as hard as possible on every track.

Paradise Beats: We just attended, covered, and loved Mysteryland USA. Mysteryland is the longest running electronic music festival, and finds its root in your native country, the Netherlands. Can we expect to see you at Mysteryland USA next year? 

Yellow Claw: We don’t know yet! We did just do the mainstage for Mysteryland NL. That was really cool.

Paradise Beats: So tell us, what’s your favorite Yellow Claw track to perform in concert? 

Yellow Claw: "Kaolo" because that’s where all the bullshit ends! That’s where the warming up ends and there’s absolutely no looking back. What’s also fun to know is that we made that track in one take and in one day only. It just worked. Instantly.

Paradise Beats: Along the same lines, what’s your favorite track to perform that was not produced by Yellow Claw? 

Yellow Claw: Plan B - "Love Goes Down" (Doctor P Remix) and TNGHT - "Higher." Great songs and both responsible for some great and fresh perspectives on electronic music.

Paradise Beats: You signed to our favorite label, Mad Decent, in 2013. Tell us a bit about your decision to join the Mad Decent crew: what brought you to the label, and how has your experience been thus far? 

Yellow Claw: To be honest. Diplo was the first person who reached out to us and that was years ago. I think maybe 4 years ago. And it just felt very natural to release some tunes there every now and then.

Paradise Beats: Looking to the future, do you have any news you’d like to share to your American fans. Any new music on the horizon, or any new commitments to festivals or concert venues? 

Yellow Claw: *Gazes at the horizon* Well we just finished our new single and we’re shooting the video next week. So people should really be on the lookout for that one. We’re also dropping a new EP on Dim Mak together with our homey Cesqeaux.

Paradise Beats: Thanks guys, for this interview. We’re looking forward to covering one of your shows in the future, and will continue to keep our readers updated with anything new from Yellow Claw. 

Yellow Claw: You’re welcome!

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Sam Smith has been killing it with his smooth vocals and solid production, and this collaboration with ASAP Rocky is hella soothing. Definitely worth a listen.

More from Sam Smith:

(September 2nd, 2014) Following in the footsteps of Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, Abhi//Dijon have smoothly mixed of R&B vocals with chillstep beats, and have found a strong fan base in the process.

While I enjoy a good ol' face-melting drop as much as the next guy, it's always nice to turn it down every now and then. Abhi//Dijon's cloudy vocals and jazzy piano licks help me do just that, for their tunes are both beautifully simplistic and strikingly consistent. Although the Maryland-based duo is fairly new on the scene, it's clear that they already have a well-established sound.

Their new self-titled EP may not break any new stylistic ground for the group, however it should help to reinforce Abhi//Dijon's foundation of laid-back jams and set them up for a promising career. Make sure to check out some of their earlier work as well, and keep your eyes out for these kids in the future.

(September 2nd, 2014) Last week, Hudson Mohawke released a teaser of his recent collaboration with Action Bronson. It's still unclear which of the two artists will formally release the song.

I guess it doesn't really matter which album possesses this dynamite track, but I doubt that it will be released on HudMo's Chimes EP. With Action Bronson's newest album, Mr. Wonderful, set to come out later this year, I think we can expect to see some new singles dropping in the next few weeks, which just might include the full version of this untitled project with Hudson Mohawke.

With the addition of HudMo to the GOOD Music production team in 2012, no one should be surprised to see the Scot working more elite rappers in the coming months and years. Although his career has already been quite remarkable, I have a feeling that Hudson Mohawke is just getting starting.

(August 29th, 2014) With this week's release of Rustie's newest album, Green Language, and the impending debut of Odesza's album, In Return, just weeks away, there should be no shortage of jams to listen to.

If you haven't had a chance to purchase or download Rustie's sophomore effort, make sure to do so ASAP. Although the tone and sound of Green Language may not be as consistent as that of Glass Swords, there is no doubt that his newest tracks possess a more mature and focused style. Check out the Green Language sample mix here:

After seeing Odesza at Hudson Music Project (AKA "Mudson") in July, I've been eagerly waiting for the release of their new album, In Return. I have rarely heard anyone like Odesza who is able to make electronic music that is so hopeful and uplifting, and there's certainly very few producers who can do it as consistently as they do. Listen to the In Return sample mix here:

(August 26th, 2014) Just in time for his Sunday set at Electric Zoo, UZ releases his newest remix via's growing distribution channel. After crafting a trap rendition of Elliphant's "Revolusion," the man behind the mask drops a fresh remix of Ice Cube's "Drop Girl."

With this track, UZ maintains the swagger of the hip-hop original, while simultaneously adding the electric energy that characterizes his trap music. We love how he builds to a drop, and then throws down fresh lyrics in conjunction with the beat. He essentially merges the hip-hop and trap elements of the track with one unified explosion.

With this release, we're even more excited to catch his performance at Electric Zoo in New York City. On Sunday, his set time is smack dab between Loudpvck and What So Not on the Beatport Riverside stage, so you can expect to find us at that location for a majority of the closing day of the festival. Enjoy UZ's latest remix of "Drop Girl," as well as his rendition of "Revolusion."

(August 25th, 2014) A month after the release of their track "Memories That You Can Call", Odesza has struck again with another captivating single, "Say My Name".

Backed by beautiful female vocals (which has become something of a calling card for the Seattle-based duo), "Say My Name" certainly possesses Odesza's signature sound, though this newest single may strike listeners as a bit more haunting than some of the group's previous work. However a diversification of sound should come as no surprise, for Odesza is scheduled to release its full-length album, In Return, in a matter of weeks.

Directly following the premiere of their new album, Odesza will be begin their world tour (see below for dates), which will begin in the Western United States and move all the way to Lithuania over the course of two and a half months. Although shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Boston are already sold out, 20 other shows in the US alone should be enough for fans to get their Odesza fix.

Even if you aren't able to see these guys in concert, make sure to cop In Return on September 9th (you can even pre-order it at, for there will undoubtedly be fantastic list of entrancing beats that should include both "Memories That You Can Call" and "Say My Name".

Odesza World Tour:

9/13: Mangy Moose Saloon - Jackson Hole, WY
9/18: Mezzanine (Night 1) - San Francisco, CA (SOLD OUT)
9/19: Mezzanine (Night 2) - San Francisco, CA (SOLD OUT)
9/20: The Fonda Theater - Los Angeles (SOLD OUT)
9/21: Belly Up Tavern - Solana Beach, CA
9/23: The Crescent Ballroom - Phoenix, AZ
9/25: Vulcan Gas Company - Austin, TX
9/26: Index Festival @ Trees - Dallas, TX
9/27: One Eyed Jacks - New Orleans, LA
9/30: U Street Music Hall - Washington, DC
10/01: Johnny Brenda's - Philadelphia, PA
10/02: The Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY (SOLD OUT)
10/03: Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY (SOLD OUT)
10/04: The Sinclair - Cambridge, MA (SOLD OUT)
10/05: Le Belmont - Montreal, QC
10/06: The Mod Club Theater - Toronto, ON
10/08: Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI
10/09: The Basement - Columbus, OH
10/10: Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL
10/11: Majestic Theater - Madison, WI
10/12: Triple Rock Social Club - Minneapolis, MN
10/15: Firebird - St. Louis, MO
10/16: Bottleneck - Lawrence, KS
10/17: Vega - Lincoln, NE
10/18: Gothic Theater - Denver, CO
10/19: Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT
10/21: Venue (Night 1) - Vancouver, BC
10/22: Venue (Night 2) - Vancouver, BC
10/24: Showbox at the Market - Seattle, WA
10/25: Wonder Ballroom - Portland, OR
11/7: Loppen - Copenhagen, Denmark
11/8: Debaser Medis - Stockholm, Sweden
11/9: Pustervick - Gothenburg, Sweden
11/13: Patronaat - Haarlem, Netherlands
11/14: Ancienne Belgique - Brussels, Belgium
11/15: Library Institute - Birmingham, United Kingdom
11/16: Electric Ballroom - London, United Kingdom
11/17: Garage - Glasgow, United Kingdom
11/18: Club Academy - Manchester, United Kingdom
11/19: Le Bellevilloise - Paris, France
11/20: Salzhaus - Winterthur, Switzerland
11/21: Circolo Magnolia - Milan, Italy
11/22: Lanificio 159 - Rome, Italy
11/25: Locomotiv Club - Bologna, Italy
11/27: Podnik - Prague, Czech Republic
11/28: Gretchen - Berlin, Germany
11/29: Tou Scene - Stavanger, Norway
11/30: Loftas - Vilnius, Lithuania

(August 20th, 2014)  New York, get ready. There's another music festival coming to town. This weekend's featured event is the one and only Bella Terra.

New York has seen some incredible music festivals roll through this summer. The Hudson Project and Mysteryland were both muddy successes, let's see if their little brother can live up to the hype. Bella Terra is featuring artists like DJ Craze, Keys N' Krates, Conspirator, and Araabmuzik.

For our preview, we want to highlight two acts: DJ Craze and Keys N' Krates. Let's start with Craze.

Craze, a Nicaraguan producer, is one of the first pioneers of bass music. By killing the Miami Bass scene in the 90s, while also focusing on hip-hop music, Craze helped pioneer some of the bass-centric music that's currently taking the United States by storm. Like A-Trak, Craze is an extremely technical DJ. In fact, he is the only DJ in history to claim the DMC World DJ Championship three consecutive times.

After achieving these accolades from 1998-2000, Kanye West scooped him up as his personal DJ for his lucrative "Glow in the Dark" tour in 2008. After the tour, he went on to found Slow Roast Records with Kill the Noise. Get a taste for Craze's insane mixing abilities with this video:

Next up: Keys N' Krates. The trio is comprised of Toronto natives Adam Tune (drummer), David Matisse (synthesizer/keyboard), and Jr. Flo (turntablist). The band's been active since 2008, and focuses on pioneering the popularity of electronic instrumentation. The guys released a critically acclaimed EP, SOLOW, on Aoki's Dim Mak Records in 2013, and have completed another EP, Every Nite, which is set for release in September. Check out this new video of Keys N' Krates rehearsing for Bella Terra:

So there you have it, our preview of Bella Terra 2014. We can't wait for the festival, and hope to see you there. Cop your passes here.

(August 19th, 2014)  Every year, Forbes compiles groups of wealthy celebrities, politicians, and businessmen for feature articles. This year, Forbes taps into the world of electronic music to produce a list of the planet's wealthiest DJs.

The list is organized by each producer's annual earnings, versus overall wealth. Last time we checked, the legendary Paul Oakenfold was sitting on top of the world as the DJ with the highest net worth. For this list, however, Calvin Harris shines as the DJ who made the most money over the past 12 months. 

The group of top 10 earners for 2014 racked up $268 million this year, which is an 11% rise from the previous crew in 2013. This growth is indicative of the continually rising popularity of our genre. Read the full feature at this link, or simply peep the following list:

1. Calvin Harris - $66 million

2. David Guetta - $30 million

3. Avicii & Tiesto - $28 million

4. Steve Aoki - $23 million

5. Afrojack - $22 million

6. Zedd - $21 million

7. Kaskade - $17 million

8. Skrillex - $16.5 million

9. deadmau5 - $16 million

10. Hardwell - $13 million

11. Armin van Buuren & Steve Angello - $12 million

(August 19th, 2014) It's been a while since we last heard new Major Lazer music, but yesterday the music project comprised of Walshy Fire, Jillionaire, and that random white dude, Diplo, released their latest remix of Flipo's, "Doh Tell Meh Dat."

You should have seen the crowd's reaction last Saturday when Walshy Fire and Jillionaire took the stage at Brooklyn's Mad Decent Block Party with Diplo for a surprise Major Lazer performance. The group of producers crafted an incredible dance party with a medley of genres spanning moombahton to reggae, trap to dancehall.

We originally anticipated Big Gigantic throwing down the wildest set, but to our pleasant surprise, Diplo, Walshy, & Jillionaire, in our eyes, stole the show. Towards the end of their set, Major Lazer dropped this new remix and the crowd reacted as expected: complete mayhem. If we had anticipated this new banger, we would have had the camera ready for footage, but we unfortunately dropped the ball.

So to live vicariously through somebody who witnessed the new remix, peep the new release via SoundCloud, it won't dissapoint. Free download included.

(August 18th, 2014) Stwo is barely old enough to drink legally in the US, but god damn does he make some intoxicating beats. His newest single, "Aura", is a perfect example of why you should be paying close attention to this French rookie.

The first time I ever heard Stwo was on the hypnotic quazi-instrumental "Syrup", and I've been hooked ever since. Although many of his songs have a more tranquil and dreamy disposition, Stwo will still consistently get your head nodding, which is a quality that is rare among electronic DJs. To put it another way, Stwo produces jams that I can 1. make a stink face to, and simultaneously 2. take a nap to.

It should come as no surprise, then, that I'm beyond pumped for Stwo's upcoming North American tour (see below for dates). To make matters even more awesome, he will be traveling around and sharing shows with Snakehips. Despite the fact that these two European DJs have styles that nearly contradict each other, I have no doubt that both will put on amazing shows. You can bet your bottom dollar that PB will be there at their opening show in NYC on 10/16, so we hope to see you there too.

Stwo North American Tour (with Snakehips):

10/16: Slake - NYC
10/17: 1015 Folsom - San Francisco
10/18: Club Vinyl - Denver
10/21: Bardot - Miami
10/22: U Street Musical Hall - Washington DC
10/23: Primary - Chicago
10/24: The Hoxton - Toronto
10/25: Le Belmont - Montreal
10/29: Q Nightclub - Seattle
10/30: Fortune Sound Club - Vancouver
10/31: Hifi Club - Calgary
*More dates to be announced

(July 15th, 2014) Coming off a huge remix of Galantis's "You," Brillz releases a twonked out rendition of Katy Perry's "This is How We Do." 

Brillz is on a roll recently, with a massive performance at Mysteryland USA and with the progression of his Twonk Team group mixes, so this banger comes as no surprise.

Right from the get-go, Brillz delivers that iconic hip-hop bass line that's starting to characterize the Twonk genre. Then, when the song kicks in, Brillz does some seriously complex work tweaking Katy Perry's vocals. The result is a song that you can't not dance to.

Brillz is rolling through New York City over Labor Day to perform at the one and only Electric Zoo. After peeping this track it'll be hard to justify not catching his set. Get your EZoo passes here.

(August 14th, 2014) On Monday, Flume released his latest remix of indie rock band Arcade Fire's original track, "Afterlife." The re-production is delivered as a euphoric ten-minute progressive house experiment.

Flume, also known offstage as Harley Streten, is very particular when labeling his productions. Preceding his "Afterlife" remix, Flume released a "re-work" of Seekae's "Test & Recognize." This being said, Harley's "remixes" are practically originals that borrow clips and pieces of original tracks.

On this remix, the listener can only really recognize some vocal clips from "Afterlife," while the rest is a combination of dreamy synths and swirling sounds originally produced by Flume. While Arcade Fire was in Australia on their international tour, they allegedly spent some time with Flume and came up with the idea for this remix. Enjoy the ned result.

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(August 14th, 2014) Yes, you read the title of this post correctly: Bassnectar and deadmau5 are currently collaborating on at least one new production. 

This news is a recipe for the perfect storm. Bassnectar and deadmau5 have arguably the largest cult followings, so a track featuring both artists would weld a massive throng of EDM fanatics. Whenever you go to a festival or concert, you'll undoubtedly see someone wearing a deadmau5 mask. In the same vein, you'll never attend a festival without seeing a totem, a trademark of Bassnectar's following. That being said, these guys have fans, and lots of them, so this is huge news. Want evidence of this seemingly sadistic rumor?

As expected, we are very excited for this collaboration. Both have dabbled in their counterpart's genres, but it will be interesting to see the king of progressive house and the king of bass music clash heads on a new track. We'll stay on top of this until the day of its release. Stay tuned for more, and enjoy some new-ish deadmau5 & Bassnectar releases.